Discovering the True Meaning of Childhood Through Play

Most kids these days forget the true meaning of “playtime” as modern technology develop a whole new experience of childhood among kids. The growing popularity of mobile phones, internet, gadgets and gaming consoles had a great impact in keeping kids indoors, interacting with computers and lessening their interest in outdoor activities and active play.


As parents, it is important for us to recognize the real importance of play for our kids. Social interactions, active lifestyle and fun filled play activities allow our kids to develop their intellectual and emotional quotient and improve their social skills with other children as well. Play makes them experience their real childhood that is essential in shaping their personality, values and intellect for their future.

Studies show that children, who spend more time indoors, watching television and playing computers, are more likely to develop vitamin deficiency and obesity. Children needs exercise and active to improve their motor skills, muscle control, hand-eye and foot- eye coordination skills, strength and endurance, and achieve personal growth and intellectual advancement.

Parents can help their children achieve their child’s potential for self development and healthy lifestyle by encouraging them to play outdoors. Most parents are afraid to see their kids get filthy, get hurt or sometimes become frustrated about other kids. Parents must be able to understand that this is part of their childhood and would eventually help them develop their personality and values in life. We, as parents, must always be there to guide and help them get through.

So, how can we encourage our children to play and interact with others? Playgrounds are effective learning tools to promote outdoor activities and active play among kids. It provides variety for kids to let them play freely with other children and refresh their young minds. Allowing them a few hours of play would help them to be more energetic, confident, happy and healthy.

Encouraging Child’s Play with Fascinating Playgrounds

Backyard playgrounds are accessible and easy to build for little kids. Setting up a playground doesn’t need to be expensive. Old tires for obstacle courses, swing sets and monkey bars would definitely thrill kids and make them eager to engage in recreational activities rather than sitting around the house playing video games online. Some parents even have their backyard landscaped to create a more child- friendly environment for kids of any age.

One can easily find interesting concepts and designs for your very own backyard. Though maintenance could be pretty much time consuming and expensive, there are experts that could provide services to make your backyard pleasurable in a more economical way. Some playgrounds are built using recyclable materials, tire swings, sandboxes and play tunnels, making play more interesting and fun for kids to explore. Others opt to use synthetic grass to provide a more soothing and homey feel. In Australia, ASTE is one of the most trusted synthetic turf providers that transform simple home backyards into a green paradise for children, giving them more room to interact and discover things beyond the corners of their own home.